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“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.”
- Diane Ackerman

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Little iLEADers Early Childhood Learning Center!

It is our pleasure to introduce you and your little ones to Little iLEADers Early Childhood Learning Center. At Little iLEADers we know how vitally important your child’s first educational experience is. It is our mission to do everything possible to make sure your child is provided with a safe, healthy, rich, stimulating and nurturing learning environment. A space for play and self-expression that celebrates the joy of play-based discovery and socializing. Little iLEADers instills in our learners a natural enjoyment of being in school, setting your child on a positive path for a lifetime of learning.

While you are here, be sure to visit the FAQs section for some of the more frequently asked questions about your child’s experience at Little iLEADers.

Thank you for checking out Little iLEADers. We look forward to providing your child with the best educational start possible. Please feel free to use our simple family interest form so that we can begin a conversation, arrange a time to get together for a chat, and give you a tour of the learning center. We look forward to joining with you and your child to create amazing early childhood education memories that will last a lifetime.


Candice Butera

Program Director

Wendy Ruiz

ECE Programs Director

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Our Daily Schedule

Little iLEADers Early Childhood Learning Center has a flexible time schedule and a framework that offers plenty of freedom of choice and time to move from one activity to another. We generally begin the day with outside play. The children are then led into their classrooms, where they can choose from a variety of play centers offering quiet and busy activities. This is the children’s opportunity to play with other children, to manipulate objects and materials, to discover what makes things work, and to imagine and create. The time span for each activity and the order of activity is up to each child. We conclude the day with a short circle time where we sing songs, read stories, and share.

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